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Turner School Project

Theresa Pecoraro, Chairperson











The Turner CCCOE (Contra County County Office of Education)  Nutrition Garden started in July 2014 much like any other nutrition garden. The Master Gardeners, Theresa Pecoraro and Ann Noll, consulted with Betty McPeek, the Special Education teacher and garden champion, to plan a vegetable (edibles)  garden for the students. The Master Gardeners used the Square Foot Garden Method to design a garden which consisted of many vegetables, companion herbs and edible flowers. In order to satisfy the sensory needs of the students, the Master Gardeners placed emphasis on the herbs and flowers that had stimulating characteristics, those that excited the senses of sight, smell, texture, color, contrast, and even sound. 








The teachers at Turner School can integrate curriculum including science, mathematics and art into the gardening lessons.  The classroom is extended from the restrictive inside to the expansive outside.  By doing this, students learn self-discipline. They experience the  enrichment and calm that nature provides. Moreover, they improve their awareness by observing plants, insects, birds and animals that the garden attracts.  These special  students now have much to talk about.  They have a special communication board to describe what is happening in their  garden. 

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