Blackhawk Bloomers Garden Club

The Blackhawk Bloomers Garden Club is a gardening club for those who live in Blackhawk or belong to the Blackhawk Country Club to share a love of flowers and all things gardening. We enjoy monthly meetings featuring luncheon programs at the Blackhawk Country Club alternating with bus trips to area attractions. Member socials have made meeting new friends easier and also informative in seeing what grows in fellow members gardens!

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Be sure to read monthly newsletter for all members with upcoming events, important announcements, special discounts, new members and photos.

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A Note from the President, Sharon Jones

Hello  Gardeners!
Since  we  are  officially  in  FALL,  are  you  savoring  the  last  blooms  of  summer?   My  (lavender) rose  bush  is  providing  several  smiling  buds  and  blooms.  I’m also  enjoying  the  various blooms  in  our  community.

The  presidential gavel  has  been  passed  to  me  for  the  remainder  of  the  Bloomer  year  and  I accept  it  with  honor.   Due  to  personal  circumstances,  Shirley Lowes  will  assume  the  role  as past  president.   She  did  a  great  job  this  past  year  with  her  enthusiasm  and  hard  work,  and we  all  thank  her.

When  I  became  interested  in  the  Bloomers  a  decade  ago,  potential members  had  to  write  a letter of intent  and  describe  why  they  wanted  to  join.   It  was  then voted  upon  by  the Bloomers  Board.  At  the  time,  the  limit  for  membership  was  a  maximum  of  45,  so  applicants were  screened.

Fast  forward  2014,  and  with  the  guidance  of  many  great  leaders  over  the  years,  we Bloomers  are  80+  strong.   And,  we  have  plenty  of  rows  left in  our membership  garden,  so encourage  your  friends  and  neighbors.  The  friendships  as  well  as  the  information are  a bonus  in  our  lives.   Plus,  my  thumb  has  gone from  dark  brown  to  light  green  since  I  joined the  Bloomers.  I’m  anticipating that  it  will  be  forest  green  as  time goes  on.

Our  Kick-­‐Off  meeting and  luncheon  was  Wednesday,  the  24 th. It  began  with  a  special presentation  from  gardener  extraordinaire,   Buzz   Bertolero.   He awarded  Eileen  Rice  with the  “Gardener  of  the  Year”   for  the  Diablo  Foothills  District.   Eileen  has  a  plethora  of gardening  experience,  knowledge  and  has been  a  backbone  of  the  Bloomers  for  many years.   We’re  so  proud  of  you,  Eileen!!

Too,  Floral  Designer,  Katherine  Bergman  created  7 stunning  arrangements  and  shared  tools  and  tips of  the  trade  to  enhance  arrangements. Having  grown  up in  Indiana,  our  yard  was  full  of  species  indigenous  to  the  area.   Maple trees,  mulberry  trees,  irises,  peonies,  etc.   And,  there  was  “the  garden.”   In  the Midwest when  you  talk  garden  you  are  talking  corn,  peas,  beans,  okra,  tomatoes,  etc.   When  you talked  garden  you  were  also  talking  about  watering, weeding, picking,  stemming,  shelling and  snapping,  which  lead  to  canning  and  freezing.

It  was  really  a  full  time job  to  plant, pluck  and  preserve  the  vegetables  of  the  summer.   And,  all  the  while  you  were  swatting bugs,  flies,  bees  and  sweating in the  humidity.   Here  in  California,  our  gardens  include  our flowers,  shrubs  and  trees,   whether  they  are  blooming  or  not.   I  have  adopted  the  CA definition of a garden.   I  love  going  outside  on  any  given  day  and  at  any  given  hour  to  enjoy  and  admire  the  garden  without  having  to  accomplish  the aforementioned tasks.

However you  define  the  garden,  I  hope  that  you  will  join  us  for  our  next  meeting,  October  22.  Our program  will  be  presented  by  Bill  the  Bulb  Baron. With his  delightful  personality, knowledge  and  available  bulbs,  it  looks  to  be  yet  another  fun  day  with  your  fellow gardeners.


“Gardening  and  laughing  are  two  of  the  best  things  in  life  that  you  can  do  to  promote  good health  and  a  sense  of  well  being”…………….Doug  Larson.

Blackhawk Bloomers 2014-2015 Board

Blackhawk Bloomers 2014-2015 Board

Seated on couch, Lynn Negovetich, Elaine Willman, Kim Modersbach, Jill Brennan. Behind Lynn is Eileen Rice and Pepper Gillespie. Standing is Anita Rollin, Kathy Fox, Joyce Farrell, Carol Nothern, Linda Marver, Shirley Lowes, Devi Schoenfelder, Sharon Jones, Anna Wilewski, Jodell Stout and Tracey Lauer

Bert Bertolero’s 2014 Gardener of the Year

Eileen Rice, President

Eileen Rice, 2014 Gardener of the Year

Eileen Rice

Blackhawk Bloomers Garden Club

Eileen has been a member of the Blackhawk Bloomers Garden Club since 2006 and just recently completed her second term as President. She, with the help of her son Patrick, manage the Blackhawk Bloomer’s website, along with publishing the club’s newsletter. Eileen established the ‘Dig in the Dirt Program’ at the Tassajara Hills Elementary School, where she is a volunteer teacher’s aid.

The ‘Dig in the Dirt’ program is a regular gathering of Blackhawk Bloomers club members to maintain the school’s courtyard beds and to plant edibles. Eileen is an “Old School” gardener who likes to thin and divide plants, along with harvesting and saving seeds. She is the Blackhawk Bloomers resident horticulturalist when it comes to plant identification, insects, and herbs. She received $100 which she plans to donate to the Bloomer Dig in the Dirt project and the club will receive $100. Eileen will be presented her award at our September meeting.Eileen


Our Fiscal year goes from JULY – JUNE. So please renew TODAY AND BRING IN YOUR FRIENDS! We love to welcome new members.

Please mail your: $50.00 check Payable To: BLACKHAWK BLOOMERS

Next year if you renew with club number it will be automatic. P.S. Please disregard if you have already sent in your check, and thank you!!

Top Picks by President Shirley Lowes

Shirley Lowes, President Blackhawk Bloomers

Shirley Lowes, President Blackhawk BloomersIt’s that time of year! We are seeking Bloomers who will expend some much needed effort for us. Bloomers are being sought to help Blackhawk Bloomers thrive.

The new 5iscal year 2014/2015 has of5icially begun for our Blackhawk Bloomers Garden Club and your Executive Committee has already met and formulated a budget that will support another great year of programs, community outreach and donations. Sharon Jones and her committee are looking for donation suggestions from our membership.

Thank you, Tracey, Anna, Lynn and Eileen for your time and effort on the budget. It will be presented at our September 16 Board Meeting.

Huge congratulations go to our very own Blackhawk Bloomer Eileen Rice who was named the Bert A. Bertolero Gardener of the year 2014 in June! (See story.) Her photo is on the check out counter at Navlets!

Please put down all the dates for upcoming Bloomers events that you will 5ind in this Newsletter. We don’t want to miss seeing you at our meetings and socials. First up is our kick-off Social on Friday, September 5th at the lovely home of Tracey Lauer. I hope that you are all enjoying these hot summer days and your gardens are getting enough water. We need a rain dance!

Here are some conservation tips for your garden from the gardeners at Filoli: Drought response Recommendations For Your Garden Many of these practices apply to any year in California, but they are particularly applicable for 2014:

  1. Thoroughly check your irrigation system for any troubles. If you are not comfortable performing this type of check yourself, consult an irrigation specialist.
  2. Regularly monitor your irrigation system throughout the year to identify troubles as they arise and address these as quickly as possible.
  3. Make sure to schedule irrigations for pre– or post–dawn start times with the exception to plants susceptible to flower fungal disease (Botrytis) like petunias.
  4. Consider transitioning to drip or micro–spray irrigation wherever possible to conserve water.
  5. Cut back irrigation of woody plants so that they receive 40% of what they have in the past.
  6. Refrain from adding new plants to your garden this year. Choose low water using California natives, Mediterranean plants or succulents if you must plant.
  7. Facedwithreducedfoodintheir natural environment, expect deer to be more brazen about feeding any time of day and feeding on plants that are typically considered “deer proof.” If browsing deer have been an issue in your garden in the past, this may be a good year to consider installing a fence.

Florally Yours, Shirley Lowes President 2014-2015